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Here’s the Auto Coverage We Provide

Protect Your car  with Auto Insurance 

auto insurance


Whether you need or for driving to work or shopping, we get you lower auto Insurance rates without sacrificing coverage or service in the process.

home insurance


Protect your motorcycle and yourself. Get a motorcycle insurance quote for quality coverage that’s more affordable than you might think.

commercial insurance


Protect your home away from home. We provide the coverage you need for your motorhome that combines both auto and home coverage.

Small business insurance


Protection for your off road vehicle. Our specialized off-road insurance coverage is tailored to protect your ATV that auto or homeowners insurance can’t provide.



Ride your snowmobile in style, knowing that it will be covered when you need it. We offer specialized Snowmobile Insurance at affordable rates.

commercial insurance


When you’re driving cross country on a roadtrip, you can rest easy that you have the coverage needed to protect your trailer and everything in it

Auto Insurance Coverage FAQ

How Does Car Insurance Work?

Car insurance in their to help you should you get into an accident like a collision  by helping you recover from damage, injuries and expenses. The point isn’t for you to make money on the accident, but it’s their to protect, you and your bank account from suffering major financial hardship due to an accident, whether it’s your fault or not.

The point of car insurance is about transfering the risk. If you wouldn’t have insurance, the financial risk is on you in the event of an accident would be enourmous. Getting auto insurance lowers much of that risk. 

Why Is Auto Insurance Important?

You take a risk whenever you get behind the wheel. You may be the worlds best driver, but your not the only driver on the road, other drivers might not be as good as you are. An auto insurance policy provides you with a safety net for when drivers make mistakes.

Should you get into an accident you’re at risk financially. Even If the accident is not your fault, if the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance, you’ll have to pay for all damages to your own car plus the medical bills if you’re injured.

If you’re at fault, you are typically liable for damages to the other person’s car as well as the medical bills of the injured parties. In addition, you have to cover the repairs to your own vehicle and even the costs of legal fees if you get sued. 

What our Clients say

Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say

“I was in need for car insurance and did some shopping around. Spoke to a couple different agents with other insurance companies and found The guys at East Insurane Group to be the most helpful, friendly, and most of all, knowledgable. ” Mark | Baltimore, MD

“Mike stuck with me through thick and thin, even when I was struggling to make payments on time. It wasn’t like dealing with a faceless and heartless agent. His customer service is above par and her fidelity to her clients goes beyond the hours of 9 to 5.”

Stacy | Towson, MD

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