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Ecommerce plays an important role in society, from jobs, innovations, and the quality of life. It makes life easier and manageable by providing products and services. With the presence of advanced technology, you do not even need to visit a brick and mortar store. Everything is just one tap away. With the birth of revolutionary products, it is a double edged sword that both brings dangers and convenience.

The boom of e commerce opens up new opportunities for any business. Business owners can reach a worldwide audience without letting geographical location slow their pace. However, having the ability to accommodate a wider range of customers can also increase the business’s liability. Electronic commerce is a diamond gem that you need to polish and experience improving it.

E commerce is unbelievably moving at a fast rate should be one reason for business owners to prepare and manage their company well. Having rapid growth can sometimes lead to chaotic after effects. Based on the recent studies, it acquired an 18 percent increase in its total sale.

The figure is the freedom it provides to the users, online retailers, manufacturers, investors, and buyers. The process itself to build up your own site burns down most of your time, money, and effort. But, if you do not want to feel stress, third party sites are available. You can use Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, and the like to sell your products. 

With the presence of innovations from the growth of the e-commerce industry, it is undeniably easy to picture that business owners are encouraged and somewhat attracted to what it can offer.

What are the Risks Associated with E commerce

Business is a gamble, even when it comes to traditional business and e commerce. The only similarity that they share is the risks. And the only way for risk management is to prevent them and use alternatives – that is, this type of insurance.

In traditional stores and small businesses, customers might suffer from an accident and injury in the physical store itself. That will then produce and create liability on the part of the business owner. While e-commerce, with the help of technology, addresses both the buyer and sellers’ needs. However, they still suffer from dangers. The following are the risks associated with electronic commerce.

Cyber risks

E commerce business is the primary target of the cyberattacks, having at least 35 percent of the cyberattacks focused on this field. E websites have the details that the hacker wanted, from the names and the credit card details. Data breaches are the primary hazards of ecommerce business. The hackers can use, steal, and leak the personal data of your customers. Another risk that you need to address is the distributed denial of service. In this situation, the hackers will use botnets to crash your store, which leads to your business downtime. In return, your customers will not be satisfied, and you will lose revenue in return.

Causing damages to your third-party software, data, and network can also lead to business risks. For instance, your online store suffers from a virus; with this, once your customer accesses your site, the virus will infiltrate their computer. It will lead to damages, and your company can be held responsible for this. To address the risk, getting e commerce insurance is advisable. You will feel at ease, knowing that everything is under your control and protected financially.

Product Liability Issues

Online businesses can be comparable to regular and traditional retailers. And with this, there is also a possibility for you to encounter product liability issues. This happens if your service and product sold have issues like, not working properly, and resulted in having an injury.

One of the typical product liability claims is the inability to provide proper instructions and warnings for the product and defective products. It would help if you also took note that these issues can affect your business drastically. As long as you continue this distribution process, your company will be at risk and suffer from financial claims. Address these risks by getting the right business insurance.

Professional Liability Concerns

Deals and transactions in e commerce industry are always made online. There are some instances in which contracts happened before the business transaction occurs. If this happens, your business can actually be prone to mistakes. If this happens, the products and services delivered to your clients are not the same as the specifications your business provided. In return, your clients can sue you and suffer from financial loss.

Privacy Issues

The key role of businesses is to gather information about their clients, potential clients, investors, and even visitors. If you fail to execute the data clearly and transparently, you might suffer immensely from liability infringement, interference, and invasion of privacy rights. The US Federal and State laws emphasize privacy in terms of the individuals’ personal profile available online. It is for online citizens’ welfare, and transparency made it possible to gain trust and assurance. The e-commerce businesses will protect the customers’ personal information, and even some do not have the intention of buying.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Intellectual property is one of the areas that you need to consider, especially if you create a business model. It is highly at risk, especially if you have a lot of competitors. Even if you have property insurance and are properly insured, there are still risks of infringement of trademark, patent, copyright, and the right to publicity. Disturbances can also arise from the lapses in the nature of the advertisement. For instance, one of the e-commerce stores copies the idea of a third party’s advertisement, which could lead to a big issue.

What is the Recommended Ecommerce Insurance Coverages

Given the risks associated with your e-commerce business, it would be best if you start understanding the processes that you will encounter in your business. To help you, below are the lists of the most important business insurance that you need to secure to protect your business, as well as the welfare of your customers.

General Liability Insurance

It is the most common e commerce insurance coverage. It also serves as the foundation of every management program of your business. General liability insurance helps you cover property damages and another party bodily injury claims. If you are planning on leasing a property, general liability coverage is advisable. If your customers suffer from an injury caused by visiting your office, you will be accountable, and you can use this business insurance coverage to cover the expenses and legal obligations. Do not assume that you are protected with your Homeowners insurance policy if you are operating your work or service at home. The homeowners’ insurance policies have exclusions and restrictions, especially if related to your business operational activities. The best option that you can do is to separate both entities to ensure that your property is properly insured and your business is also covered and protected.

Product Liability insurance

This e-commerce insurance plays an important role in protecting your products online. Remember, your product is the center of your e-commerce and business operation, and it would be best if you provide the best policy to protect it. Take note, every product that you sell comes with the possibility of a lawsuit or legal action. This happened when the customer suffered from an injury or illness while using your product. It could be in the form of design flaws, manufacturing defects, or improper or inaccurate instructions; inability to include warning signs can also lead to extreme liabilities regarding your role in the distribution. However, there is a way to help your business financially. By getting a product liability insurance policy, you can secure your product and even provide financial assistance to the victims.

It would also be best if you work with your insurance broker hands-on. Make sure that every detail is known, and you can picture out every situation, especially the risks of your product.

It would be great to check if all of your business partners, such as suppliers, are properly insured. Always check their insurance certificate as well as their interest and the coverage before getting into a deal. Remember, prevention is always better than letting things go in their way. Ensuring that your suppliers or business partners are insured will give you peace of mind and an extra layer of protection.

Cyber Insurance

Online retailers have the most risks when it comes to cybercrime. Cyber liability insurance is a must to protect your company. The transactions under the e-commerce business focus on collecting personal information from the customers, and it is actually the prime target of cybercriminals and hackers. If you collect personal information from your clients, log-in to purchase something on your website, use another system, and share your client’s information, you undeniably need cyber-liability insurance. You are financially protected once you suffer from lawsuits, penalties, fines, settlements, investigation, and discovery expenses from a data breach and cyberattack.

Omissions Insurance and Technology Errors

The holy trinity in e commerce business insurance coverage is cyber liability, product liability, technology errors, and omissions insurance. Combining these insurance policies will ensure that situations involving bodily injuries caused by your product and unauthorized disclosure of your clients’ information are protected. To help you understand omissions and technological errors, ensure and back you up if your product fails to perform its purpose and the errors related to the product and services you are offering.

No matter the root of the issue, as long as it revolves and is related to technology, you are at risk. And, getting Omissions Insurance and Technology Errors will save you from extreme financial loss.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This insurance coverage protects your business and company against claims related to the work environment. Examples are discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and similar cases.

Commercial Crime Insurance

This insurance policy coverage ensures that your company is protected against possible crimes that your employees and third parties might commit. In e commerce industry, the most common crime is embezzlement, robbery, and fraudulent transactions. The primary target is your inventory storage.

Directors and Officers Insurance

If you are starting up your business, D&O insurance coverage is advisable for you. It protects and ensures your company leaders from lawsuits and mismanagement. It gives them the confidence to run the company confidently and aggressively without fear of personal loss. Having D&O insurance will also encourage and boost the recruitment process of your business. It can also attract potential investors and attract capital ventures to manage every growth potential.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Every state requires and regulates this insurance policy. It means that every business, either small or large corporations, must avail of workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees. This insurance policy will compensate your employees in case they cannot work because of bodily injury; it also covers the medical cost during the medication process. In most cases, the coverage cost for small business is low because most of the transactions are done online. But, if you are managing a warehouse, where your employees are working and managing it, your workers’ compensation insurance can be costly.

Cargo Insurance

If you rely on a third party in managing your warehouse, storing your goods, and shipping your products directly to your clients and other distributors, cargo insurance can be a great choice. Your online business definitely needs it. This insurance policy focuses on protecting your inventory while you are shipping or transporting it to another place. If you suffer from damages, you will be well compensated.

Who Needs E Commerce Insurance

Online business insurance helps you manage your business or company without being stress with the possible financial loss. It is excellent for any business type, either small business, start-up, or a large corporation. However, it would be best first to understand the financial processes and products before you avail yourself of insurance coverage. Your needs differ from other small businesses, and having a financial advisor will help you know your risks and the coverages that your company needs. Your insurance agents will assist you in selecting your business insurance coverage.

Insurance agents will provide quotes applicable to your business, and they will contextualize the contents to understand every detail. They will also be by your side when you need to get your claim. Remember that the process of getting your insurance claims begins with how you handle and approach the situation. Work with a financial advisor, and let them save you and your e commerce business.

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