Liability Insurance in California - how Much is it?

If you live in California and own a vehicle, the law mandates that you need to have auto liability insurance as an owner. Getting auto insurance in California is essential because it provides protection in the event of a car accident. 

There are are many types of insurance policies that you can choose from and which you would be comfortable paying. If you are looking for something very affordable, there is undoubtedly a cheap California car insurance that you can find. On the other hand, if you could afford to pay more for an auto insurance premium, some other insurance policies could give you more coverage and, therefore, more protection if a car accident happens.

Whether you get the cheapest car insurance Ca or car insurance with the highest coverage limit, the point is to have liability insurance because it is required in California. This kind of liability insurance is mandatory for all those who drive or own motor vehicles in this state.

How Much is the Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in California?

In California, they have 15/30/5 liability insurance, which is the minimum coverage limit for auto insurance. These numbers mean that the liability coverage limit is $15,000 for the injury or death of one person; $30,000 for the injury or death of all the people that are hurt in the car accident; and $5,000 to pay for property damage such as unmoving objects like a fence or another vehicle. 

Suppose you are willing to go beyond cheap car insurance in Ca. In that case, you may always get more coverage for your insurance and choose other optional liability coverage because this way, you also get more protection. Further additional content may also include you (the driver) and your own passengers and your personal vehicle. Other insurance policies that you can avail in California are uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage, Med Pay insurance, and comprehensive and collision insurance.

Med Pay Insurance

Med Pay Insurance is a type of an optional “no-fault” coverage that will pay for medical expenses or funeral costs for the holder of the policy and his passengers no matter who is at fault during the accident. Suppose you have this kind of insurance policy. 

In that case, you may claim for the following: if as a pedestrian you get hit by a vehicle, if you are injured while in public transportation or gets injured as a passenger while in another person’s car. This type of insurance policy does not include property damage or damage caused to another vehicle. 

This insurance coverage has a generally low premium, and limits are usually from as low as $1,000 to as high as $25,000. Another great thing about this policy is that it covers other treatments that are not typically covered in health insurance, such as acupuncture or chiropractic.


UMC (Uninsured Motorist Coverage)/ UIM (Underinsured Motorist Coverage) is another optional insurance that pays for the bodily injury of the holder of the policy and his passengers when the accident is caused by another driver. This kind of car insurance is used when the driver who is at fault does not have liability insurance or if his insurance limit is shallow that it is not enough to pay for all the injured people involved. This type of insurance coverage in California saves you from paying medical expenses, funeral costs, or any other similar liability. Property damage and damage to the driver’s car are not part of this policy.

Although these insurances in California are not part of the insurance requirements, they are excellent options to add in your policy to get maximum protection. Another type of insurance in California state that you may want to consider is the collision and comprehensive policy. These two are typically offered alongside each other, where a collision policy pays for your car damaged due to your car’s collision with a type of property. At the same time, it is in motion, such as a parking divider, a person, another vehicle, or a fence.

Comprehensive Policy

On the other hand, the comprehensive policy pays for your car damage that is a consequence of some other type of incidence and not collisions such as vandalism, hail, theft, flood, falling objects, windstorm, or fire. This kind of insurance coverage in California depends on your vehicle’s value and is the best fit for newer vehicles or those with a high cost. If your vehicle’s value is low and is a used car, it is okay not to get this insurance. A collision and comprehensive insurance are often required in California are you are going to loan or lease a car.

Is There a Consequence in California If You Do Not Have a Liability Insurance?

Having insurance for your vehicle in California is very important because it does not only give you protection for damage in property or bodily injury, but it also covers much more such as medical costs, car repair, lost wages, etc. depending on your insurance limit. It can also cover an accident that does not involve a motor vehicle such as a bicycle accident or a pedestrian getting hit by the car. 

Insurance in California is highly vital. Even if you get car insurance cheapest California is better than having no insurance at all because driving without even the minimum limit of coverage can cost the driver a great deal as they may face the consequences such as not being able to register their car with the DMV or their driver’s license may be suspended. Worse case is they may have to pay a fine or their car gets impounded. 

If you need help with an insurance policy in California, there is definitely an insurance company that can help you with this concern and leads you to what you need. Aside from auto, an insurance company can also help you with other insurances, such as workers compensation, property, etc. They can also lead you to a Ca cheap car insurance so that paying premiums will not feel like a burden to you.

An insurance company within the state can guide with any kind of insurance needs that concern you, so all you need to do is to give them a phone call so you can start getting the protection that you should have like a workers compensation, property insurance, and insurance for your vehicle. 

Comparative Negligence

There is a “comparative negligence” or a “comparative fault” in California where a driver may only be liable partially during an accident. Because of this state policy, a driver in California may have the chance to recover some damage as they may still be able to get a lower percentage of fault if the insurance company is good enough to fight for the insured. 

To get the most protection in California for an at-fault accident, ask your insurance company about health insurance as well. However, in case of an accident in California, and you do not have health insurance, you may also avail or use other insurance such as the California Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Coverage or the Med-Pay Insurance. 

There are various ways to protect your property in the state of California, and this is by getting insurance that works best for your needs. One of those that you may need to have is the workers compensation insurance apart from your regular vehicle insurance. 

And suppose you want to have more protection or get the maximum. In that case, you can also purchase some added coverage called “rider” or “endorsement,” which would require you to pay a higher premium but will also protect you from so many factors as well including protection for expensive devices such as navigation systems, custom wheels, stereos, etc.; and it also covers for theft. When you get this add-on policy in California, it may also cover other services like towing road service or free car rental if your car needs to be repaired in a shop after an accident. 

There are so many different types of insurances that are available in California. You have the option of choosing something cheap for a lower premium or something expensive for more protection and coverage. The final decision is really all up to you, but the bottom line is that you need some kind of protection when you live in the state of California. 

You may start with a workers compensation insurance and then add with other types such as GAP insurance (Guaranteed Auto Protection), which pays for the cost when you are paying off your car loan or lease if your vehicle is totaled. The value of your car becomes less than its market value because of the accident.

And if you have more to spare, you may even add a personal umbrella policy that will pay for overages on your maxed-out limits