How to Save on Multiple Car Insurance in New Jersey

If you have more than one ride at home, the best way to save big regarding auto insurance or manufacturers insurance NJ is by insuring them all on one policy. Whether you are a couple with a vehicle each or live in a shared household with friends and family, you are part of the growing trend, get multiple vehicle insurance today to great discounts, and save. 

Here is a guide about multiple auto insurance and how you and your family could save with it. 

What is Multiple Auto Insurance in New Jersey?

Multi-vehicle insurance is a convenient way to insure several cars registered to one address on a single new jersey car insurance. You can insure up to six vehicles, and although they are all under the same auto insurance New Jersey, each one has different coverage levels. 

It means that you can decide how much excess you want to cover on each vehicle. Plus, when availing auto insurance in New Jersey, you can choose additional coverage options to add to each policy, allowing you to tailor the insurance coverage to suit your needs. 

What are the Requirements For Multiple Insurance Coverage in New Jersey? 

The requirements for multi auto insurance in New Jersey vary among different insurance firms. Some insurance firms in New Jersey require that the insured cars be at a single address to be eligible for it, disregarding the occupants’ relations inside the household. In contrast, other insurers require all the drivers of the covered vehicles in New Jersey to be members of the same family to qualify for the policy.

Most NJ insurance manufacturers restrict how many vehicles you can have on a single multi-vehicle policy, and most policies have limits between four to five vehicles. 

To get multiple insurance quotes and find the best new jersey policy for you, you will need the following requirements: 

  • Provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of all the cars you want to insure in new jersey
  • Give the personal data of all the new jersey drivers you want to include on the policy, including their name, birth date, and address. 
  • Provide the lienholder information for all the new jersey vehicles you wish to insure (if applicable).
  • Give the driver’s license numbers for all new jersey drivers listed in the multi-automobile policy.
  • Provide the information about your current new jersey auto insurance, if you have one. 

Sometimes, other insurance companies require you to provide the driving history of all the drivers you plan to include on the multi-vehicle policy. Consult with an agent from East Insurance Group to guide you through purchasing multiple vehicle insurance that fits your specific needs. 

Multiple Auto Insurance NJ Coverage

When buying multi-vehicle insurance, you can purchase identical coverages for all vehicles or opt for a single auto insurance policy. Most states require the inclusion of bodily injury, personal injury, personal injury protection, and property damage liability coverage. Ensure your multi-vehicle policy includes these. 

Other coverage options you can add to the policy include protection during collisions and getting comprehensive damages, like vandalism and theft. Most insurance firms let you adjust how much of these additional coverages you want to add to each vehicle. 

Ask your insurer about the coverage options, and if all your vehicles need to have the same coverage. If not, you can save even more money by adjusting the coverage limits suitable for each automobile.

Benefits of Multiple Auto Insurance

Getting multi-auto insurance is the best way to save big. It lets you insure up to six vehicles on one policy, making it more convenient for you. Below are some of the advantages of multi insurance and why you should purchase it for your vehicles. 

  • It is More Convenient to Manage

Getting a single insurance policy for all your cars allows you to renew them all on the same day. It takes away the stress of trying to remember and manage which vehicles need renewal. You will also only have to deal with a single insurance company, making the process more straightforward and faster. 

  • Insurance Can Become Cheaper

When you avail multi-auto insurance from reputable firms like East Insurance Group, they will typically offer discounted prices for the insurance. The multi-car policy, alongside the great deals, brings your overall insurance costs at an all-time low. 

  • It Can Cover a Whole Household

A standard multi-car insurance covers up to six cars and 12 drivers, so even homes with the most significant families are covered. It is an ideal option to ensure that all vehicles have the appropriate coverage, letting you and your family drive your cars without worry. 

  • Stacking Coverage

Some insurance companies will stack coverage when you avail of the multiple-car policy. If you have placed a specific limit with one car, these insurers may double that limit when you add in a second vehicle. Ask your insurer about their stacking coverage policies. 

Cost of Multiple Car Insurance 

The following factors will influence the price of your multi-car policy: 

  • The type of car you want to insure.
  • Your location.
  • The jobs of the drivers included in the policy. 
  • The driving history and experience of the drivers you have listed in the multi-car policy. 
  • The age of the driver(s) of the vehicles you want to insure.

Multiple insurances covers everyone listed on the policy. For instance, a high-risk driver (aged between 17 and 21) with driving convictions would increase the multi-car policy’s overall price. 

If that’s your case, it may be cheaper to choose a separate specialist policy. That’s because younger people tend to be more inexperienced behind the wheel, making them high-risk drivers for most insurers. Brand-new cars can also increase your car insurance costs. You will more likely save more by leaving it off the insurance and ensure it gets the protection it needs by getting comprehensive coverage. 

Can I Insure a Car and a Motorcycle on the Same Policy?

No, you cannot because motorcycles have separate policies for them. However, you can benefit if you insure your cars and motorbikes with the same insurance company. It makes you eligible for a multi-policy discount and cuts off your total costs up to 20 percent. 

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Other Family members’ automobiles?

No. When someone else owns the vehicle, that family member needs to get a separate policy for their own automobile. It is easy to get cheap car insurance NJ, anyway. However, you may be eligible for discounts with other insurers. For example, if your adult child lives with you and has their vehicle insured through the same new jersey car insurance company like yours, some insurers will apply a discount to both of your policies.  Or, you can get a more comprehensive but cheap new jersey car insurance.

How Big is a Multi Auto Discount?

Multiple jersey car policies offer discounts that can run from 10 to 25 percent from the liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage of your insurance policy. Each vehicle gets this discount but does not increase with each automobile you add, so if the jersey car insurance company offers a 10 percent discount for the first new jersey car, that will be the same with the future cars you add to the policy. 

Car Insurance Cheap NJ Saves You Money

Aside from having high-risk drivers or new vehicles in your policy, multi-car insurance is the best way for households with several cars to bring their auto insurance cost down. Whether your spouse or teenager added a new car to the family fleet or you have many vehicles located at the same address, you can save a lot on insurance costs.

Hire a professional from East Insurance Group today and ensure the protection of your vehicles for a lifetime.