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There’s a reason our truck and van clients consistently send their friends to us for their van and truck insurance, they know we’ll work to get their box trucks the best coverage possible.

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What Is Box Truck Insurance?

Box Truck insurance is a package of commercial auto policies that are specialized to insure the risks of owning and operating a box truck or van. The insurance is tailored to cover business like moving trucks and haulers and protect the truck, the driver, and the cargo.

Being a Box Truck owner has its risks

  • An accident involving a tractor-trailer and a box truck along Interstate 95 in Jessup, Md
  • The straight box truck that got into an accident in Delaware that led to a fatality
  • The delivery box truck that flipped over on the MD-140 that caused one person to be airlifted to Shock Trauma
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Box Truck Insurance FAQ’s

Businesses Covered

Businesses that require Box Truck Insurance

There are many types of business that haul goods that require box truck or straight truck insurance. The most common types of businesses we insure that require box truck insurance include:

  • Junk Removal
  • Furniture Delivery
  • Pallet Delivery
  • Small Apartment Movers
  • Small Office Movers
  • Moving Services
  • Small Truck Store
  • Retail Delivery

When your box truck is your entire business, you need to do everything you can to mitigate the risks in case there is a serious issue

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