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A car carrier is a large investment that can pay off well over time. Car carriers are expensive, and if damaged in an auto accident the repairs can really put a dent into your bottom line. When you own a car hauling business such as a transport companies, car dealerships or repossession company to name a few, you need to purchase various types of insurance related to vehicle transport. And it’s not just your truck you have to worry about. If anything were to happen to any of the cars or truck you are hauling it would come out of your paycheck.

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The  American Transportation Research Institute reports that trucks are involved in are approximately 41,000 to 45,000 traffic related deaths occur every year. 


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As independent agents we have our policies are written through some of the top rated carriers in the industry that specialize in trucking coverage, that work to help you with your claims quickly and fairly.


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If your truck is on the side of the road or your cargo has been damaged, you need a quick response from a dedicated agent. You get a direct number to your agent, no waiting

Auto Hauler Coverage Includes:

Liability insurance

Comprehensive Physical Damage Protection

Property Damage

Cargo Coverage

Uninsured motorist

Bodily Injury

Collision Damage Protection

Unattended Truck Coverage

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“I needed to call in a claim, thanks to their policies I was able to get my entire truck paid in full. My old company would of given me only half the amount needed.”

Carl S.

Auto Hauler Insurance FAQ's

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How Much Does Car Hauler Coverage Cost?

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Call Our Agents Directly: (443) 304-9927

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