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Big Rig Accident Statistics

Today, the use of big rigs has changed the way the transportation industry works. These big trucks allow businesses to transport goods quickly, easily and cheaply. However, driving these big rigs are not without risks. They can be quite risky for the owners, as well as drivers, and other motorists too.

  • In the United States alone, there are close to 2 million big rigs.
  • Big trucks cause as many as 500,000 accidents per year, 5,000 of these accidents resulting in deaths.
  • Over 130,000 injuries per year are caused by large trucks.

According to the FMCSA report (2015)

  • Number of Large Truck Crashes: 415,000
  • Number of Fatal Crashes: 3589
  • Number of Injuries: 83,000
  • Fatal Crashes of Large Trucks on Rural Roads: 60%
  • Fatal Crashes of Large Trucks on Rural or Urban Interstate Highways: 25%
  • 83% of fatal crashes and 89% of non-fatal crashes occurred during weekdays (Monday to Friday).

What Kind of Snow Plow Coverage Do I Need?

As the owner of a Snow Removal service, you might clear out driveways or hospital parking lots and based on the type of client you have, that will determine the type of coverage you need.

Commercial tow truck owners and operators are responsible for the well-being of drivers, customers, and the vehicles that are being towed, and need specialized types of coverage on board to keep the business safe.

Not to mention the legal requirement to carry liability insurance. East Insurance Group specializes in commercial vehicle insurance and can customize a policy to your needs. Your policy may include some or all of the following:

How much does snow plow insurance Cost

Every business is different and every business requires different coverage to protect them from risks. You might own one plow attached to your pickup or own a fleet of plows. The cost of the policy largely depends on the factors including:

  • The number of trucks you need to insure
  • Your trucks size, age, model and condition
  • The experience and driving-record of anyone who will be operating the vehicles
  • Your annual coverage and routes you will cover

Snow Plow Coverage Includes:

COMMERCIAL VEHICLE INSURANCE  – The roads can be hazardous during s snow storm and commercial vehicle coverage will help protect your trucks in the case of damage from accidents such as a car crashing into you.

GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE – If someone slipped on a property you cleared out, you may face a lawsuit from an unhappy client. This coverage gives you the financial backing you need to defend yourself.

GARAGE KEEPERS LIABILITY – Your plow may only get used for 6 months, but you need to make sure it doesn’t get damaged while it’s in storage. This coverage protects your vehicles while they’re in the garage.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION – If you have employees this coverage helps you in cases where they suffer an injury on the job. This is extremely important, especially when they work in unsafe conditions.

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