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You Can’t Own a Tow Truck Business Without This

Tow trucks are the recovery vehicles used to move vehicles that are stalled on the road to designated areas. This may include cars or trucks that are disabled, those that have been impounded, ones that are improperly parked, or those that may need repairs. The most common types of tow trucks include lift flatbed, flatbed, integrated wheel-lift and boom.


Plans built for towing businesses

Our plans are tailor made for each and every business, whether you specialize in roadside assistance or focus more on the local field, we’ll create a plan that’s perfect for you

Coverage from top carriers

As independant agents we have our policies are written through some of the top rated carriers in the industry that specialize in tow trucking coverage, that work to help you with your claims quickly and fairly.

Talk to our Towing insurance specialists and learn how East Insurance Group can save your business thousands:

What Is Towing Business Insurance?

It is a legal requirement for tow truck operators and companies to carry liability insurance. This protects businesses from the risks that result from the nature of the tow truck industry. A towing truck company has the responsibility to protect its drivers, clients, and the cars that their trucks tow.

To enhance reliability, they need to acquire insurance that can be complemented with other policies such as medical payment insurance, physical damage insurance, garage service insurance, on-hook towing insurance, uninsured or under-insured motorist insurance, and comprehensive coverage.

Co Packing Benefits

On-hook towing insurance

This policy provides you with coverage for repairs and replacement costs for your clients’ vehicle due to damages sustained during towing. The policy, for instance, can cover a windscreen that breaks during the towing process. For example, this coverage protects your business if a vehicle gets damaged while your towing it.

Uninsured or under-insured motorist insurance

Sometimes your truck will sustain damages from a driver who is under-insured or uninsured, and this policy will ensure that you are covered. If your truck’s side mirrors need replacement after an accident caused by a careless driver whose vehicle is not insured, this policy has you covered. 

Garage service insurance

It helps towing truck owners to cover losses resulting from theft, vandalism, collisions, or fire when you park the truck in areas covered by the policy. The policy will cover stolen headlights from your truck when it is parked and not in use.

Comprehensive coverage insurance

This policy provides for damages that includes those caused by natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and fire, but it excludes damages from a collision. This policy will protect you from losses from vandalism, such as stolen truck parts.

Physical damage insurance

This option provide you with general coverage for damages on your truck regardless of the source of the damages. For instance, it covers issues like a damaged hood. 

Medical payments insurance

This provides medical cover for you, your truck driver, and any passenger who sustains an injury in the process of towing a vehicle. When your driver accidentally knocks down a pedestrian, this policy ensures that medical bills will be paid.

Hired Auto Liability Coverage
This coverage will protect the vehicles you lease, hire, rent, or borrow to use in connection with your business. This includes vehicles used for business purposes that’s not listed on your policy that are driven by you or your employees.

How much does Tow Truck Insurance cost?

When an insurance firm quotes you on truck insurance, it will consider a wide variety of factors to determine your premiums. These factors may include the condition of the truck, hours of operations, types of safety mechanisms that you have put in place, your location, the history of your truck, and the services that your truck provides. Most insurance companies provide insurance for tow trucks at an annual average of $4,000 to $10,000.

What Our Clients Say

““The premiums for my towing business went through the roof after a mishap. The team at East Insurance Group saved me well over $5,000, there’s no way I would go back to those 1800 insurance agencies.””

Steven, New Jersey
Trenton Towing

““I left a car on hook for 10 minutes in downtown Baltimore and I came back to see the windows smashed. East Insurance took care of the whole thing without my premiums going though the roof.”

Carl | Baltimore, MD


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