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Change and uncertainties are constant in the business world. So, how will you protect your business from these factors? If you do not have any idea, getting employers’ liability insurance can help you.

Securing your business from financial losses is the main forte of employers’ liability insurance. It protects you from workplace injuries, illness, death, and third-party lawsuits. If your business does not have this kind of insurance coverage, you will be solely responsible for all the financial problems that your business may encounter. In this case, you may suffer from massive financial loss.

Why Do You Need Employers Liability Insurance

How can you use your employers’ liability insurance and workers compensation insurance? The United States requires every employer to avail workers compensation insurance for their firm’s protection and assurance. You can also use this to win over a loan proposal and even an investor. Workers’ compensation insurance offers two coverage, the employers’ liability insurance and the loss of wage and medical coverage.

Employers’ Liability Insurance. You can use this insurance coverage when someone files a lawsuit against your firm. It also happens when business owners fail to act immediately in a specific situation. This insurance coverage is highly encouraged for small businesses. You may use this to pay damages and settlements; it can also help protect you financially to cover the court’s costs or legal proceedings.

Lost Wage and Medical Expenses. If you want to get business insurance, part of the workers’ compensation policies. It can help you compensate your injured employee and cover the cost of their medical bills.

What Does Employers Liability Insurance Cover

Business insurance is one of the important aspects that a small business must consider. Moreover, there are five kinds of employers’ liability coverage under the workers’ compensation policy. It would be great if you know the legalities under each employers’ liability coverage.

Negligence. If your employee gets hurt during the business operation, and you did not take any steps to solve the problem, there is a possibility that they will sue your company and made you pay for the costs of the damages.

For example, your company operates in construction sites, and one of your employees got into an accident like a rock directly hits his head. In this matter, your workers’ comp insurance policy should cover your employee’s lost wages and medical bills. However, if your employee sues you because you did not follow precautionary safety measures in operating your business and the injured worker will suffer from a permanent work-related injury. This will be the time where your employers’ liability insurance will take over. Your insurance policy will pay all the expenses related to the workplace-related injury or illness.

Consequential Bodily Injury

The bodily injury that your employee acquired affects the people who care for them, especially their family.

For example, if your employee’s spouse gets hurt or sick because of taking good care of the injured worker, their family can sue your business. It will be evident if they suffer from an injury while helping them fill in their medical appointments.

Third-Party Action

You can use the employers’ liability insurance to cover the claim against lawsuits from your employee and the organization. For instance, if the backhoe loader in your construction site malfunctioned and injured your employees. Your employees can sue the manufacturer of the backhoe loader because of the malfunctioned equipment.

There will be a time where the manufacturing firm will sue you because of mishandling of the equipment. If this happens, you may use the employers’ liability insurance to cover the costs of the courts hearing and legal matters.

Employment Practices Liability

Employers’ liability insurance protects every employee from any unjust treatment of the employer, like wrongful termination. This usually happens when the employer allegedly terminates the contract of an employee without legal and lawful explanation. The states also recognize the malpractice of the employer like discrimination, sexual harassment, wage violation, and even work-related emotional distress. Employers’ liability insurance covers all employment-related issues that violate the state’s labor laws. This liability insurance protects every employee and provides compensation that every hardworking individual deserves.

Dual Capacity

This is one of the insurance policies that produces a double effect. The situation under this policy coverage is, when your employee suffered from an accident because of the product that your company produces, your employer can file lawsuits against you and the manufacturer of the product. You do not have to worry much about this because you are completely covered and secured from financial losses.

Loss of Consortium

Most of the states offer this kind of policy. Loss of consortium actually refers to the deprivation of building a good family relationship because of the workplace’s injuries.

This case’s compensation is beyond the capabilities of death and disability benefits that they may receive from the employers’ liability insurance and workers comp policy.

Who Needs Employers Liability Insurance

Every business that aims to protect their corporation needs to get employers’ liability insurance coverage. This insurance coverage helps protect and minimize massive financial damage in your company caused by a workplace injury or wrongful contract termination. Remember, no company is flawless, and there will be a time that you will suffer from related injury or illness. And it always happens unexpectedly, so you need to completely cover your company before you suffer from huge financial loss.

According to statistics, there were three million workplace illnesses and injuries and more than six thousand fatal damages in the United States. It simply means that even a single accident can damage your corporation as a whole. Protect your business with employers’ liability insurance policy and workers’ compensation policy.

Always think ahead for your business. For example, if your firm is risky on the part of your employees, you surely need employers’ liability insurance. Your employers’ liability insurance covers work-related injury and illness, lost wages, medical expenses, and even the legal fees in case your employees sue you or file a lawsuit against the employer. If you already have a workers comp policy, you will probably be covered and enjoy the benefits the same way you get from employers’ liability insurance.

How to Avail Employers’ Liability Insurance

Suppose you do not have any idea on how to avail employers’ liability insurance. That will not be a huge problem. You can get your liability insurance quote by asking for help from a licensed insurance agent. They can help you minimize your firm’s financial loss by simply analyzing the risks of your company. They will work through all insurance policies that will be beneficial for you and discuss each risk.

If you cannot afford an agent, you can simply browse the internet for the process. Some insurance companies offer online applications, so you will not be bothered going to the firm branch. The online payment process goes with filling out the needed data like the name of the owner, employees, and subcontractors. These data are vital for you to identify the policy coverage you need.

Final Thoughts

Your business matters, no matter how small or big it is. And to help you get away from the pain and suffering from financial loss, employers’ liability insurance can be a solution. Your employers’ liability coverage can be your tool to keep your business running despite the damages and trouble it caused to a third party. You will not also suffer from the court costs because of the tiring legal defense. Your insurance company is also the one who is responsible for providing the claims of your employees, the damages covered, and work-related matters.

Since every business has its own needs, you can create your own specialized coverage suitable for your firm. Learn from other’s mistakes, and do not let your company fall into the same fate.


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