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Insuring Marylandfor the Right Price


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The Best Insurance Coverage in Maryland

East Insurance Group has been providing high-quality insurance for over 5 years, delivered with exceptional customer service to the residents of Maryland.

Most people in Maryland are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by using an auto generated quote. When you use East Insurance Group you get a live person who answers your call directly.

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Demand for specialized insurance for auto, properties and businesses are high in Maryland in part because the state is growing with significant residential and commercial expansion.


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So keep on clicking, or better yet, call us for a free quote! When you meet our remarkable agents, you’ll see why the people of Maryland treat us like family. And why they’ve kept coming back to East Insurance Group again and again.


Personal Insurance Agents

Our team is comprised of longtime maryland locals who don’t just live locally, but also know the ins and outs of the state like the back of their hands. From Baltimore to Annapolis, our team is here to help.

Insuring Both Personal and Businesses in Maryland

Maryland Facts

Defined by its abundant waterways and coastlines on the Chesapeake Bay and blue crabs, Maryland is a Mid-Atlantic state whose largest city Baltimore has a long history as a major seaport. It’s also the birthplace of the national anthem which sits in Fort McHenry at the mouth of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, home to the National Aquarium and Maryland Science Center.

Auto Insurance

Maryland may be a small state , but the smaller they are, the more care you need for your car. An auto insurance policy from East Insurance Group is designed to protect your car, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicles from accidents, theft, storms, and other risks.  

Home Insurance

Maryland has a growing real estate market with Home values increase 9.5 percent, make sure your home & properties are safe. At East Insurance Group, we know that finding the best home insurance isn’t always the easiest thing to do in Washington, D.C. 

Business Insurance

  • Small businesses are the backbone of Maryland, let us take care of the insurance for you. We offer affordable commercial insurance policies to our neighbors in Maryland  and all surrounding communities. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Trucks travel back and forth from DC and Maryland, make sure they have the right coverage. You will get better rates and better service because the agent stands to make more profit off you.

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

“Mike is the greatest insurance guy ever”

After my husband and I got married, we were dealing with a handful (literally, like 5!) of different insurance companies and I was worried it wouldn’t even be worth the hassle to switch them all over. HOWEVER, Mike made it SUPER SIMPLE and we are saving HUNDREDS a year.. probably even more… AND our coverage is significantly better.  I know I sound like a commercial “we saved hundreds,” but on just one policy alone (I think auto; not sure, we have several) it came out to $400 of savings..and that’s just ONE policy.  That is real money.

Elizabeth T.

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