Trucking Industry Facts You Might Not Know


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Trucking Industry Facts You Might Not Know

In the United States, people and businesses mostly dependent on US trucking. The truck drivers all over the world help the trucking industries get moving and alive. In fact, the truck industry is considered the lifeline of most American goods and business.

According to facts and data, almost 71 percent of trucking freights moves in America per year, and 6 percent of full-time jobs in America trucking industry alone. This industry recruits millions of truck drivers and creates billions of dollars in their annual revenue. It becomes the most essential lifeline between the consumers and producers, and everything else from gallons of milk to gasoline.

The trucking industry in the United States is already a decade old but remains active. There’s still a consistent demand, especially from businesses that make trucks an essential part of the economy. Without it, it’s quite impossible for consumers to wear clothes, shoes, and other essentials right now. You might not be able to eat your favorite food you’re craving for, if not because of this motor carrier. In other words, the trucking industry makes it possible for us to experience comfort in life, no matter how million miles away you are.

Overall, this industry becomes the backbone of every nation. It has an estimated worth of $680 billion and employs over 7 million people in the United States. It definitely touches the crucial operations of different industries in America, making it a vital factor in every nation’s business operations.

If you want to know more about the trucking industry, read on for facts below you might not know yet.

The trucking industry in the US stated revenues higher than the GDP of 150 nations in the year 2017.

According to the CIA Fact Book of 2017, the trucking industry in the United States generated a total of 700 billion dollars. As for the record, the said amount is considered an entire GDP of Bangladesh and less than the GDP of Colombia.

There are 5.8 percent of all full-time jobs in the US are mostly related to trucking

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Safety Administration, during the year 2018, there is an estimated number of 129 million full-time jobs in the US. The same exact year when 7.4 million individuals were recorded employed in the trucking industry and freight. It means to say that almost 5.8 percent of all US full-time employees got a job because of the trucking business.

Trucks moved a total of 10 billion tons of freight in the year 2018

According to the record of ATA or American Trucking Associations, American trucks can approximately move 10 billion freight tons in 2018. The total truck freight is equivalent to 30 pounds worth of products for all ages and gender in the US.

40 percent of many jobs related to the trucking industry in the US is mostly held by different minorities

Surprisingly, trucking is an equitable business. It recorded 40 percent of all trucking jobs mostly held by minorities. When all jobs are being compared, it can far outpace the average of all national jobs present in the country. Overall, the minorities had a total of 22 percent jobs or business in the US, according to the record shown by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If truckers stopped driving, most of the grocery stores might run out of supplies in 3 days

You might think that there is an abundant supply of food at your favorite supermarkets every time you need it. But according to the expert’s prediction, most grocery stores or supermarkets in the US may start to run out of food that can last for three days if trucks stopped working for deliveries.

Experts believe that the trucking industry must hire 900,000 and more drivers to comply with the demands

During 2018, the ATA or American Trucking Association issued a statement stating that the trucking industry needs to hire a total of 900,000 drivers and more to meet the demands required in the industry. But not everyone agrees that’s why the Bureau of Labor Statistics posted a report saying that the visible shortage of drivers may be over elaborated.

In terms of annual income, most truck drivers only earn less than most US jobs

Though there are ongoing statements about the growth of the trucking industry and the need for truck drivers, it’s still not a profitable kind of work. Based on the 2018 record of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income was $46,800 annually, while the average yearly profit for truckers was $43,600.

As an average count, a professional long-haul driver can log an estimated record of 100,000 miles per year

Given the fact that there are restrictions and limits on how many allowable hours truck drivers can log in, most of them will average 2000 to 3000 miles per week. A truck driver’s mileage can hugely exceed 100,000 miles per year in a span of one year.

Above are some great facts about the US trucking industry. It’s important to note them as well, especially how the trucking industry makes a difference in the United States economy.

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