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Salon Insurance: The Ultimate Guide

If you own a beauty salon, you know how risky this business can be. The main reason is that sometimes things simply go wrong. And while you can’t prevent unpredictable situations, you can get salon insurance and cover your most valuable assets. 

Because we understand that salon owners have a lot of needs and questions when it comes to getting the right salon liability insurance, we created a short but informative guide that will hopefully help you make the right decision. Here’s everything you need to know if you have a hair, nail, beauty salon, or spa. 

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Types of Salon Insurance Policies

Usually, salons need several types of policies that will cover them in most unpredictable situations, including: 

Why Do Salon Owners Need Business Insurance? 

There are a few reasons why salon owners would benefit from having beauty salon insurance. Firstly, owners need to insure their workspace to protect their assets, their employees and customers against liability, damage and accidents. 

For example, if a customer slips at a hair salon and breaks an ankle, you could be held liable for the accident. Or if an employee of yours gives a piece of advice to a client and they get injured, the client could sue your spa. Or maybe if one of your nail salon employees damages the expensive clothes of your client during treatment, the client could file a lawsuit. And these are just some of the situations in which salon insurance would cover your costs.

What Insurance Does a Beauty Salon Need?

Even when you are the most skilled beauty artist, things could go wrong. It is why you should consider getting a good insurance package for a beauty salon. Here are a few things to consider while getting insurance for a beauty salon.

Usually, beauty salons need general liability insurance, commercial property insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. The policy you choose will protect you and the salon from different types of damages. For instance, you should seek protection from fire and theft-based damages based on the city where your business is located. Also, depending on the beauty salon services you are offering, you may need additional types of coverage as well.

How Much Does Salon Insurance Cost?

Typically, the price of beauty salon insurance is about $2,900 per year. This is the median price for beauty salons, hair salons, barbershops, and spas with two employees. There are several factors that impact the price of salon insurance, including:

  • The number of employees
  • Business turnover
  • Location
  • Types of services

What Type of Insurance Do Hairdressers Need?

A typical hairdresser’s salon needs commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. 

What Insurance Protects Employees of the Salon?

When it comes to protecting employees at your beauty salon, workers’ comp insurance is the perfect but also a mandatory option for all salon owners who have employees. 

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