What You Need to Know before Getting Cleaning Business Insurance

The cleaning and maintenance of office buildings, retail, commercial, industrial, educational, and healthcare facilities is a huge industry estimated to be worth $49 billion. And with such demand, the industry is quite recession proof. Comprised of more than 56,000 cleaning contractor firms, mostly small “mom & pop” operations. This figure includes roughly 16,800 commercial cleaning franchises and 2,100 residential cleaning franchises. It’s not just about cleaning the floors and windows, it’s about getting the job done just right – because your name is on every job you do.

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However, the cleaning business industry is not without its risks:

  • The startup Handy was sued by a Boston woman who says she was paid less than minimum wage and illegally forced to cover basic costs of her job.
  • An NJ cleaning company was sued by misclassifying employees
  • The business that sued their cleaning company for a slip and fall injury

What Cleaning Business Insurance Do I Need?

A cleaning or janitorial service will need to cover a range of business exposures. Your package may include some or all of the following:

Cleaning Business Commercial Property Insurance

If you own a storefront or building this will protect it should it be damaged by fire or storm

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Cleaning Business General Liability Insurance

This will cover you if you or an employee are responsible for injury or property damage such as if your chemicals led to an allergic reaction or one of your techs damaged an office’s rug

Commercial Auto Insurance For Cleaning Company Trucks

This will cover your businesses mobile vehicles if they’re involved in an accident. Your employees may use their own vehicles to drive from client to client with your cleaning equipment and you will be held liable in the case of an accident.

Workers Compensation

This will protect you should one of your employees have a work-related injury or illness

Umbrella liability Insurance

This will provide extra limits for the serious issues

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Surety Bonding

An insurance policy that guarantees to clients that a you can fulfill your contractual responsibilities. With this assurance, many valuable clients feel more comfortable choosing cleaning companies who are bonded.

Professional Liability Insurance

If your business is just straightforward janitorial and cleaning work you likely don’t need this coverage. However if you give your customers advice on how to clean, when to clean it and what to clean, and your advice turns out to be incorrect your customer suffers a monetary loss. then professional liability insurance will protect you.

Specialized insurance For Residential And Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning businesses require specialized coverage because a large majority of their services take place off premises for both residential and commercial clients. You might keeping an office clean, cleaning someones house or cleaning a large industrial buildings windows. All it takes is a spilled bottle on a computer costing you thousands in repair and data recovery, a wrong mixture of chemicals leading to someone getting sick or a business accusing your employees of theft.

East Insurance Groups specialized cleaning business insurance program will protect you against these concerns and give you the janitorial and cleaning business insurance coverage you need to protect your business investment.

House and Carpet Cleaning Business Insurance

Every cleaning business is different and requires specialized insurance and bonding coverage to match the specific risks you face.

Residential cleaners may be tasked with cleaning delicate household objects from expensive dishes and glasses to windows and carpet. Not to mention theft claims against your employees should objects disappear. In addition, many employers require you to be bonded as an additional precaution. You’ll need a cleaning business insurance policy that tailored to your business risks and concerns.

If you just focus on carpet cleaning you have similar risks, and need a carpet cleaning business insurance policy that provides the right commercial protection for your business.