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East Insurance Group is an Independent Insurance Agency representing many different insurance companies for your insurance needs. We carefully select our carriers in order to provide you with the best level of service, price and coverage. As independent insurance agents, you have the ability to choose the best carrier for your insurance needs. That is the main advantage to using an independent insurance agency, we work to satisfy your needs.

What we do

We provide caring, genuinely understanding customer service and outstanding expertise – clearly and gently presented to our customers

We Tailor Coverage For Each Client

Having the wrong coverage won’t can cost you more than it would if you had the right coverage. All business have different aspects that will require different coverage. A locksmith will need different coverage than a plumber, and a marketing agency will need different coverage than a bookkeeping agency.

What Our Clients Say

Excellent service, beat my current price significantly and VERY responsive to any questions/concerns I had – honestly very impressed. 10/10 recommend.

Joseph Felder

I’m always surprised at how easy Mike makes our insurance seem – anytime we need a certificate or a change, we just email and voila, not even 10 minutes later, it’s done.

Andy Diamond

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We're a team of Fast, Dedicated and Professional insurance agents who helps keep your business safe with better insurance coverage for less.


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"The turn around time for items needed is always less than 30 minutes and as quick as 2-5 minutes."

Aeron Alberti