Food Truck Insurance

Here’s what we do for your Food Trucks:

Same Day Certificates

We get your insurance certificate as soon as possible so you can right to your job.

Low Rates & Premiums

We work out your exact needs , so you can be sure you’re getting the best value.

24/7 Access To Your Representative

We give you our cell number so you can get in touch with us right away, anytime.


“Dave walked me through the coverages I would need. He was very helpful and straightforward about the prices. My ADVICE is to go with the companies specialized in big rig insurance since they know the motor carrier filing requirements of the different state regulatory agencies.”
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Get a Better Insurance Rate in Just 3 Steps

1. You Get in Touch

We’re standing by and ready to help, just give us a call, fill out our quick quote form Everything goes directly to us.

2. We Listen

Insurance is all about making sure everything is covered properly. We listen So you can get the best coverage possible.

3. We Take Care of the Rest

After we talk we take care of everything for you right away, then we get your policies ready to go in record time.

How Much Does Insurance for a Food Truck Cost?

It is impractical to predict how much you must pay for insuring a food truck. It happens because each food truck is different in multiple respects, such as size and the items it is dealing with. Suppose you have two food trucks. One is serving low-priced items made using standard equipment, while the other is serving expensive dishes that require a lot of time and premium equipment.

You would not want to use the same insurance policy for both needs in these instances. It is also worth noting that insurance companies will have different packages for different food trucks like mobile food trucks, catering trucks, vending trucks, and ice cream trucks. Therefore, you should talk to the insurance company and create an insurance policy for your business.