Homeowners Insurance Maryland

Get the Best Maryland Homeowners Insurance

When buying a new home, it is essential to have it protected with the right homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance in Maryland provides a variety of coverage options to suit your lifestyle and budget. The laws regarding the requirements for homeowner’s insurance are different in every state.

Condo Must-Buy Laws

Most of the condo association requires condo owners to purchase home insurance even though Maryland statutes do not mandate it. However, if the condo owners did not agree to require it through voting, condo owners may choose not to buy coverage.

Lender Rules

The Maryland laws may not require homeowner’s insurance but the mortgage lender may require the homeowners to purchase a necessary policy for the property or the building’s protection until the loan is fully paid. The rules and regulations made by the lender may vary, so it is a must to go through them carefully before looking for Maryland homeowner’s insurance. Some insurance companies require a full scope of coverage, which is commonly based on the value of the house and the risk associated with the property.

Finding the Right Plan

The best way to find the right Maryland home insurance plan is to work with a reliable company. Getting help from a professional helps to find a range of options based on the lender’s requirements and personal budget, for adequate coverage that suits your needs. Even though it is not required by law, getting covered with home insurance protects your personal assets in case an accident happens, or the property is damaged. 

Average Maryland Homeowners Insurance Cost

Maryland’s premium cost of home insurance ranks 30th in the whole US and costs an average of $1,022. If you want to save and receive benefits on your insurance coverage, you should consider these diverse factors such as the age of the roof and the distance of your property from the fire hydrant.

 Sample premiums by state

 Rank State Average premium

 1   Louisiana $1,967

10 Colorado $1,446

30 Maryland $1,022

50 Utah $664

Fortunately, Maryland does not belong to areas that are prone to natural catastrophes like earthquakes or tornadoes. So you could expect that it has less expensive policy costs, however, weather patterns are unpredictable that can change anytime. 

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options in Maryland

The most common homeowner’s insurance in Maryland policy is the HO-3, which covers four main areas.

  • To replace the costs of rebuilding or repairing the house damaged by fire, hurricane, and other disasters. It also covers the other parts of the property, including the garage, and shed.
  • To replace the costs of lost belongings, including jewelry and furniture. For other items with a unique value, check on personal property endorsement or floater.
  • With liability coverage, you are protected from lawsuits in case you are sued by someone who was hurt or their personal items are damaged. The coverage will pay their medical costs and legal fees if you get sued.
  • ALE (Additional Living Expenses) cover costs or your expenses in case you have to live away from your house while it is under repair. 

The coverage may limit your benefits, so you have to review these limits before purchasing a policy. Consider buying Maryland homeowner’s insurance for replacement cost instead of its assessed market value. If the house has a market value of $200,000, it may cost more to rebuild, especially with the rising cost of construction and materials.

Who has the cheapest home insurance Policies in Maryland

The first step in getting home insurance in Maryland is to collect important information about your home and property. It includes home appraisal and appraisal of the valuable items that you own, like jewelry or artwork. Getting some online quotes is the best way to compare and find the cheapest and most reliable home insurance company in Maryland. After that, you can talk to an agent who can help you out finding discounts that online tools may have missed.

The basic homeowner’s insurance plan provides coverage for home and belongings in case an accident happens that may result in property damage like storm, fire, or theft. Some policies cover the homeowner’s or their family members’ liability for injuries and property damage they may have caused.

The cheapest insurance in Maryland depends on various factors. When discussing with an insurance company online, you have to be prepared with information about your house, its age, roof, and floor area in square foot. You could save money if you choose a higher deductible for your coverage and ensure reasonable coverage limits.

Like other types of insurance, the homeowners’ insurance rate could change depending on the insurance company and the coverage that you want, and sometimes your credit history. Insurance companies consider credit-based insurance scores and the chance of you filing a claim.

Since insurance rates vary from state to state, and even among cities, it pays to research and compare quotes, especially if you are on a budget and looking for the most affordable homeowners insurance policy. It is good to know that Maryland is one of the states that do not look into your credit history or credit rating when insuring your home.

Common causes of home insurance losses in Maryland

Every year in the United States, about 6% of homeowners make a claim on home insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the most common claims are damages from wind and hail, followed by water damage and heavy snow. 

 Auto insurance costs in Maryland

Maryland car insurance is affordable, with the average insurance rate at $1,240 per year, which is 13.1% lower than the US average. The auto insurance prices are affected not just by state lines. The premiums may vary depending on multiple considerations, including the insured age, credit rating, gender, marital status, and driving history. Maryland auto insurance rates vary based on certain factors.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Credit score
  • Driving violations
  • Coverage level

Maryland Flood Insurance

There are other considerable coverages for Maryland homeowners’ insurance policy. Flood insurance is another coverage you might want to consider adding to your policy. Most Maryland homeowners insurance companies do not cover flood insurance provided by the National Flood Insurance Program. If your home is within or near the high-risk area such as near the river or in a flood plain, then you must strongly consider these low-cost policies. 

In 2011 and 2012, the state was hit by strong hurricanes and left significant damage to Maryland’s homes. Many of the claims made by the homeowners were water-related. The state then demanded that every insurance company must offer a chance to purchase an endorsement for your insurance policy that covers losses and damage from floodwater, including those with backed-up sewers and drains. 

Almost all 50 states have experienced floods or even flash floods. Most homeowner’s policies do not cover property damages caused by floods. Flood insurance coverage is more affordable than you might think. The flood policy rates vary depending on the area and the average rate is about $540. For moderate-to-low risk areas, the rate costs start at $119 a year and around. Hence, flood insurance must be considered in purchasing floodplain property. 

Water backing from sewers can be an issue in high-risk flood areas. You are only covered if your insurance policy contains flood insurance, including overflowing washers that may result in flooded kitchens. But if the damage came from outside the house like flooded water from the sewer system of the town, it may not be covered under the HO-3 policy.

For communities that are part of the NFIP, they are provided with flood insurance coverage for the structure and their contents. This program allows federally insured institutions to require flood insurance on all the loans for structures in floodplain areas recognized by the NFIP.


Homeowners insurance is not mandated by law in the state of Maryland, however, your mortgage company may require you to purchase it. Even if you can handle the costs of rebuilding your home in case of damage from natural disasters or theft, it is a good idea to have a significant policy that could protect you against natural disasters and bad weather in this waterfront state.

It is good to know that with homeowner’s insurance in Maryland, you have something to help you if something goes wrong with your house. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your home because it will be a big problem and can be stressful to deal with. At the same time, your insurance company would not want anything bad to happen to your house because it will cost them a lot of money. They usually offer a discount if you can lower your risks by installing a security system and impact-resistant roof. Rates can be reduced at any time through raising your deductible, but you also have to ensure that the savings outweigh the added risk.