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Commercial Truck Insurance in Florida - How Much is it?

Florida’s roads are considered deadly ones because of the increasing numbers of commercial truck accidents. From minor incidents to major ones, commercial truck accidents can be costly. It’s good that businesses who have their company vehicles can protect their company finances with a secure commercial truck insurance policy.

The truck is the working vehicle of the automotive business. It is created to give all the power to get and take things from one location to another. There are millions of this kind of vehicle in the different parts of the world. While they are essential to the economy, they can produce various risks for business operations. In fact, according to the latest survey, large trucks have been involved in a thousand collision accidents every year. It means that one single truck has the chance and possible to file for a claim when needed.

It is the right time when commercial truck insurance becomes crucial. Whether you are shipping products across the nation or hauling a few items between work sites, commercial insurance in Florida will make sure that you’ll be able to get the support needed when something else goes wrong.

What Is Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is made to safeguard businesses from the high financial losses resulting from property damage, liability lawsuits, and potential loss of finances if your company is left without any transportation mode.

Florida commercial trucking can put someone’s life into danger. There are an estimated 150,000 people who get injured every year involving commercial truck accidents. Around 70% of these accidents resulted in property damage, while 20% include injuries to others and the truck driver itself. No matter what, commercial truck accidents in Florida can be costly, with average pay for commercial truck accidents increasing up to $60,000. But with commercial truck insurance in Florida, the cost may deflect with the help of insurance agencies that offer truck insurance. It’s essential to look for the best agent who can give you the right and applicable insurance quotes you need for your Florida business.

What Coverages Include In Your Trucking Insurance Policy?

Like most truck insurance policies, a transportation and trucking insurance policy consists of various coverages types. Each coverage is made to safeguard your company and protect your personal and company assets from huge possible losses. Below are the coverages your Florida truck business may acquire.

  • Primary Liability Insurance Coverage – This insurance coverage will safeguard you against any possible liability risks that you may get or a business employee is being involved in a truck accident who is at fault. The liability truck insurance will also cover injury claims and provide financial support for the injured person’s medical finances. Additionally, this insurance Florida truck insurance coverage has included property damages caused by accident. If there are lawsuits filed against you due to the accident, this insurance coverage will cover your defense team’s amount even if you are at fault.
  • Physical Damage Insurance Coverage –It’s the part of your commercial trucking policy coverage that the other party needs to pay for the damages done to your Florida truck during the incident. This insurance coverage may include theft, severe weather, animals, collision damages, and extensive damage due to vandalism.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists Insurance – If trucks get damage or the injured person sustains various injuries caused by one party who hasn’t been able to get a truck insurance coverage in Florida, this policy can pay for your injuries. In Florida, uninsured drivers are responsible for paying for medical expenses as part of the insurance coverage you get but not property damage.
  • Cargo Insurance Coverage – If a product or any item being hauled by your vehicle gets damaged or lost while transporting it, you need this insurance coverage to cover the incident expenses.

There is a lot more insurance coverage you can consider when you acquire commercial insurance, Florida business. But before you go on with the whole process of Florida truck insurance, you need to know first what are your insurance needs. It’s always best to seek assistance, especially with experienced people who can discuss and explain information regarding your insurance needs. Florida truck insurance is a life-saver, given the fact that it has coverages that protect you and your business.

How To File A Claim For Your Florida Commercial Truck Insurance?

Filing a claim for your Florida commercial truck insurance is the same as how you usually file for other vehicle insurance like commercial auto or car insurance. Your lawyer may handle the whole procedures for you and provide you essential insurance quotes applicable to it. But the claim starts by telling with all honestly the information about the truck accident that happens. Afterward, a claims representative will be assigned to your case.

A percentage of fault will be assigned between each party, and the liability will be determined. Your lawyer will talk to you to identify your claim and submit other information like medical records to the insurance agency, who will then give you a possible insurance quote. Mostly the claim cases will only settle within the policy covers and limitations.

If you get injured in a truck accident in Florida, it’s vital to ask for the best legal and medical assistance. An experienced and reliable lawyer can help you with all your legal claims as well. On the other hand, if you are a business owner who owns a truck intended for business purposes only, you can decrease your losses and protect your finances by getting a Florida commercial truck insurance. It’s always necessary to look and get assistance from the best insurance company that can offer truck insurance with excellent insurance quotes. It will secure everything that you own, including the people who are working for you.

Trucking insurance is a significant decision for most businesses today, especially if it’s a large trucking company. If you are unsure of getting one, make sure to talk with an insurance company who can discuss the benefits of acquiring trucking insurance, including the applicable insurance quote necessary for you. An accident can happen anytime, and you will never know when you become a victim. But with a Florida truck insurance, you’ll be more secure and protected. Commercial trucking insurance is indeed a life-saver when things become rough, and you become involved in it.

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