Liquor Liability Insurance in Florida - How Much is it?

If your business involves selling, serving, or manufacturing liquor or alcoholic beverages, then you need a liquor liability insurance coverage so that you can protect your assets as well as yourself in case of a lawsuit or claim. Purchasing a separate insurance liquor liability policy is needed as liquor-related liabilities are not part of a general liability insurance coverage, which means that you are not protected from unexpected situations that can lead to your business’s potential losses.

What does Florida liquor liability insurance include?

Florida liquor liability insurance may include covering the expenses for legal defense in the event of a lawsuit as well as employee inclusion, which provides coverage in case an employee consumes alcohol while on duty. This liquor liability insurance can also offer coverage for assault and battery claims, which relieves you of the responsibility for a drunk customer’s bad behavior or poor decision after you have served them liquor. You may also include in your liability policy property damage and damages to people so you will be protected from paying for something you did not damage.

Who Needs Florida Liquor Liability Insurance?

When your business is a restaurant, a bar, a tavern or a nightclub, or if you own a liquor store or a convenience store, and if you are involved in events or weddings, or a Gentlemen’s club, then you certainly need liquor liability insurance that best matches the needs of your business to get the right protection in case something uneventful happens.

What if you’re not sure what type of liquor host liability insurance to get?

In that case, it may be best to talk to a liability insurance agent, so they can guide you about what Florida liquor liability insurance works well for your business. This way, you also save time and money, and you can have some confidence that your place is safe from claims and lawsuits.

A liability insurance agent can give you a liquor liability insurance quote and let you have the right price to fit your budget. Having liquor liability insurance is a type of business insurance that can cover your cost against damages or losses when claims are filed due to an intoxicated person’s behavior that you sold some liquor to. It is essential to know that coverage for this host liquor liability insurance does not include selling alcohol to minors or selling alcohol against the law.

Serving liquor at an establishment always comes with many risks because there is a big chance that someone will get intoxicated, and the result is never good. When your drunk customer does some wrong actions or if something terrible happens to them, you can be held liable, which is why purchasing a liquor liability insurance is highly necessary if your business involves alcohol. To reduce the risk of liability, business owners that deal with alcohol need liquor liability insurance to get some protection, which costs a minimum of around $37 per month or higher depending on your liability policy coverage.

Even if you have general liability insurance, you still need to get a host liquor liability insurance if your business has exposure to alcohol, such as selling, distributing, or manufacturing alcoholic beverages, because it is not part of a commercial general’s coverage liability policy. When you get a separate liquor liability insurance coverage, it will include property damage and bodily injury, so you get protection if a particular situation occurs due to an intoxicated client’s actions.

When you have liquor liability insurance in Florida, the insurance company is obliged to pay the amount you are obligated to pay due to the damages made by someone you sold the liquor to and has resulted in an injury or damage.

How to Minimize the Risk for Claims

Having a liquor liability policy does not mean that doing an off-site service is also covered. If you are working off-site, you would also need a catering coverage. Being in a liquor business is not easy. It is more complicated than the regular business insurance of a restaurant because it is essential not to miss a single detail or overlook an essential coverage.

38 states in the US have different regulations for businesses that involve alcohol. It is known as the Dram Shop Laws, which means sellers are liable to other people who get injured by their intoxicated customers. Though you have a liability policy in Florida, there are ways to reduce the risk for claims, such as telling your staff to stop serving liquor to those who are already intoxicated and by demanding them to strictly measure the mixed drinks. To avoid customer injury or accidents, remind them to take a cab instead or have a designated driver if they get drunk, and you can always command for a safe liquor serving practice.

When your business serves alcoholic beverages, you are exposed to liquor liability.

Even if you already have a general liability policy, you still need to get a liquor liability coverage for added security and protection. Get an insurance quote from an experienced insurance agent so you can have the right liquor liability coverage for the price that suits your budget.

Apart from this type of insurance, you may also consider other policies to protect your assets, such as a stop-gap liability, employment-related practices, environmental impairment, leasehold interest, real property legal liability, etc. And you may also add other coverages like breakdown of equipment, employee benefits, umbrella insurance policy, workers compensation insurance, hired and non- owned auto insurance, etc. The add- ons will depend on your company’s needs and budget.

Before starting your business operations in this state, there are some essential things that you first need to learn about and understand, such as their rules and regulations, as well as their economic status. You need to know about these things to save you from legal hassles.