Business Insurance in Gainesville - How Much is it?

Business insurance options to protect your business from financial loss caused by unexpected events.

Here are the policy coverages that you can choose from in Gainesville Business insurance to get the best quote suitable for your business needs.

Gainesville Business Property Insurance

Business property coverage primary goal is to protect and secure the physical assets of your company. It includes your business building establishment, outdoor signage, equipment, furniture, fence, inventory, etc.

General Liability Insurance

This is one of the critical policies that a business need. General liability insurance aims to protect and secure you from any financial liability caused by the negligence of your employees or your business itself. Business insurance can save you from all the cost of trouble. It also saves your firm against claims like bodily injury, personal injury, property damage or anything that may arise and related to your company operations. In most cases, this general liability insurance coverage is combined with the property insurance, which is often referred to as Business Owner’s Policy.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability protects you and your employees from discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. It is built and designed to help you and your company in the process where a third party particularly your employee files a claim against your company. This coverage also protects you and supports you against the administrative charges that will arise in the court. It assists and supports you financially.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage saves your company from any malpractice, omissions, errors, and negligence. Depending on your profession, you are obliged to get this policy. This policy aims to protect you and your career, that is why the Gainesville, FL insurance companies are encouraged to provide this policy.

Business Auto Home Insurance

Business auto home insurance policy coverage helps cover your auto or vehicles used in your business. However, it is vital to take note that this policy is only limited in the vehicles that your business owned, personal property is not protected or considered part of this commercial insurance. In most cases, the rule of thumb when they say a business-owned vehicle is the one that transports equipment and tools for the company. And one of the primary factors is that the employee of the company drives the car.

Under this Auto Insurance lies the following coverage:

  • Liability. It protects your firm against lawsuits and other matters related to your business.
  • Medical Payments. Your insurance agency will save you from financial loss if an unexpected accident arises during your business operation. They will cover all the medical expenses as well as provide compensation to your employees.
  • Personal Injury Protection. This policy helps you and your employees in handling the financial expenses of your firm in case of an accident.
  • Comprehensive. Insurance companies provide comprehensive coverage; in case your other policy is not enough to cover your financial losses. It is additional coverage that helps you handle your finances.
  • Collision. This policy handles all the damages caused by a collision. Your insurance agency is in-charge in compensating the property damages.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This policy protects you and your passenger in case your insurance is not enough to cover your medical expenses and the like.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Comp insurance is a policy that assists you and your employees in case they suffered from accidents during your business operation in Florida. It typically covers the medical expenses and the lost wages of your employees while they cannot or unable to work.

Crime Protection Insurance

Crime coverage protection aims to protect your company assets in Florida in the event of burglary, robbery, forgery, larceny, or embezzlement.

Excess Liability

Excess liability coverage is another option that you can choose in case your other commercial insurance policies are exhausted in Gainesville, FL. It is one of the cheapest ways to secure important assets in your business. It protects your business in case you need to carry additional policy to secure property damage or bodily injury. This policy makes sure that everything about your business is totally supported and covered.

What is Covered By Florida Tow Truck Insurance?

The law requires commercial auto and tow truck owners and operators to have minimum liability coverage. As the company owner, you carry the responsibility for the safety of those working for you. You must ensure that they are protected. As much as possible, you should pursue other types of insurance for tow trucks coverage beyond the minimum required to protect your business and personnel against claims. 

You can ask for referrals to find a reliable and knowledgeable insurance agent you can work with. They must be able to explain to you the refinements of a Florida tow truck insurance policy especially those that your particular situation will need. Remember that owners can be held responsible if the company is the cause of physical damage or accident if the car you’ve towed is damaged, and for other instances.