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Taxi Insurance in Florida - Protecting Your Business

Having a taxi business, whether you are in Florida or anywhere in the world, can be lucrative but also challenging, so whether you are merely driving a taxi or own the company, you need some kind of protection to save yourself from profit loss in case an untoward incident occurs such as injuries or accidents. To protect your business and yourself from failures, you need a taxi cab insurance to cover you against the potential risks.

Taxi insurance in Florida is a type of specialized commercial auto insurance. If you are in the taxi business, call us today to get an insurance policy quote. To get the best taxi insurance coverage, you need to find the right insurance company to provide your needs. It is also recommended that aside from calling us today, you also may need to talk to at least 2 other auto insurance companies so you can get the best deal that matches your taxi business needs and also have the best price to suit your insurance policy budget.

Taxi Insurance Coverage in Florida

If your taxi business is in Florida, call us to learn more about the requirements and coverages for this kind of insurance and get the right protection for your vehicle and company. In Florida, the minimum requirements must be met to operate. It includes the weight of the car. If you are crossing state lines, there could also be other federal regulations that you need to fulfill and comply with.

When you have taxi insurance, you need to make sure that you are fully aware of your coverage and what is not included in your auto insurance policy so that in case of an accident, you will not be caught surprised or unaware of your losses because of a gap in your coverage. Little details matter when purchasing a taxi cab insurance because you would certainly want to get the maximum protection.

Some of the usual coverage for a taxi cab insurance in Florida are:

  • collision coverage
  • commercial auto liability insurance
  • garage liability insurance
  • physical damage insurance
  • medical payment insurance
  • general liability insurance
  • workers compensation insurance
  • uninsured/ underinsured motorist insurance

The insurance for a taxi cab driver is specialized because they are responsible for their passengers’ safety. Choosing the right coverage for your general liability insurance in Florida is essential because you want to ensure that you get the best protection against your potential risks. Some insurance companies provide commercial taxi insurance that offers coverage against theft, personal injury to the driver and the passengers, and damage to the vehicle.

Contact us to find the most suitable commercial insurance for your company in Florida and get your business’s best policy. When getting commercial insurance, it is necessary to also get a business interruption system for added protection. If the vehicle you are using is your only source of income. It breaks down or gets damaged, then you could lose some profit while your car is not operational.

To avail of this kind of auto insurance, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill, such as being between 25 and 65 years old, and you should have no conviction record for any vehicular manslaughter. Part of the requirement is that the person should not have any record for possession of drugs, weapons, or have alcohol issues.

Having commercial insurance is essential for a taxi business because it is a type of for-hire transportation. You need to have a $125,000 per person policy for bodily injury liability, $50,000 to cover property damage liability, and $250,000 for each occurrence. A physical injury liability insurance covers for permanent and grave injuries or death caused to other people due to an accident that involves your car. When you have this type of insurance, your insurer will shoulder the payment for the injuries that are up to your coverage limits. They will also provide you with legal representation in the event of a lawsuit.

If you have bodily injury liability insurance, your insurer will pay for the injuries that you or your family who live with you have caused, and this is regardless of whose transportation they are using. This kind of insurance may also include other people who are driving your car with your permission.

Whatever business you are in and no matter what type of industry you are involved in, you need some kind of insurance to give you form protection to cover the potential risks that come with your profession. Having insurance will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you will be saved from incurring possible financial losses or save your assets and your business or even yourself in case of an unfortunate circumstance. The need for insurance is growing because potential hazards are increasing as well.

Suppose you are not sure what type of insurance to purchase. In that case, it is always best to get in touch with an experienced insurance agent to help you find the best insurance for your needs with the right budget. You may not see the need for insurance right now, but you will thank yourself for having one when you are in that unfortunate situation.

What are Covered By Florida Tow Truck Insurance?

The law requires commercial auto and tow truck owners and operators to have minimum liability coverage. As the company owner, you carry the responsibility for the safety of those working for you. You must ensure that they are protected. As much as possible, you should pursue other types of insurance for tow trucks coverage beyond the minimum required to protect your business and personnel against claims. 

You can ask for referrals to find a reliable and knowledgeable insurance agent you can work with. They must be able to explain to you the refinements of a Florida tow truck insurance policy especially those that your particular situation will need. Remember that owners can be held responsible if the company is the cause of physical damage or accident if the car you’ve towed is damaged, and for other instances. 

Your tow truck instance policy should have these specifics:

  • Liability Insurance – it provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by your company to others. You need somewhere from $25,000 to $50,000 coverage in Florida to include pay legal fees which you may also be involved in the claims. 
  • Medical Payment Coverage – if your personnel or you are injured at work, this will cover the medical bills accrued. It is an important Florida tow truck insurance coverage. 
  • Physical Damage Coverage – This coverage is for truck damages. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, with this type of coverage, damages on your vehicle will be covered under this. 
  • Comprehensive Policies – it would also help if you have a comprehensive policy that will provide insurance for other damages not resulting from collisions. It may include events such as fires, natural disasters, or vandalism. 
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection – not everyone is a responsible motorist. Get your company and your personnel protected against other motorists who are not insured or underinsured. 
  • Garage service protection – this type of coverage handles losses due to collisions, theft, fire, or vandalism in a covered garage location. 
  • On-hook insurance – this towing insurance is essential for any tow truck company. In case a vehicle that gets damaged while you are towing it, this will provide coverage for it.  

Depending on the policy or tow truck insurance quotes you choose, the amount of coverage that your Florida towing insurance provides also varies. It will also take into account the deductible amount in relation to your insurance policy. It is crucial that you evaluate the risk surrounding your business, your risk tolerance, and your capacity to pay for damages when choosing a policy for your business. 

Costs of Florida Tow Truck Insurance 

Considering the expenditures and the limited cash flow of your towing business, can you still afford a Florida tow truck insurance? It is not the question that you ask yourself as the owner, rather, you should ask if you can afford to not get such valuable coverage for your business. Before you say it’s too expensive or you cannot afford it, you should first have your trucks, driving records, and your employees evaluated. Your area of operation, type of operation, and your business location are also factors in determining the costs of your insurance premiums.   

How to Find the Best Rates on Tow Truck Insurance Florida

There are thousands of insurance companies offering various tow truck insurance Florida in varying coverage. You can compare rates with several companies to determine which has the most suitable towing insurance plans for your business. Connect with a reliable agent to plan out the coverage essential for you and what your business needs to mitigate all the risks.  

Understanding Commercial Towing Insurance Florida Requirements

Starting a business in Florida does have a lot of gains and advantages. The state is ripe with opportunities and there is a market for almost all types of industries. The economy in this part of the country continuously booms at any time of the year. It is one of the reasons why many businessmen are interested in operating a small business in any of its cities. But before you pursue this endeavor, you must first understand the unique economic and commercial set up in this place. You might be surprised to know that there are some  

If you are thinking about starting up a business in the state of Florida, it’s important to understand the economic standing of the state before you set up shop. Furthermore, you should understand the rules and regulations regarding Florida tow truck insurance quotes and policies. Likewise, understanding the requirements and economic data itself can further help you decide whether it is best for you to start your commercial auto business here.

Tow truck insurance Florida and all other commercial truck insurance needs in the state are regulated by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. A worker’s compensation coverage is one of the mandated insurance that they impose on organizations with employees working hourly or salaried workers. On the other hand, those with less than three employees are not required legally to have it. 

Wrap Up

All kinds of businesses in Florida are required in some way to secure their properties and employees through commercial insurance. Tow truck companies face many risks in their daily operation thus it is only right to have the best possible coverage for the equipment, employee as well as third party liabilities. Browse through thousands of tow truck insurance quotes to find the best towing coverage for your business. Make sure that your insurance coverage is enough to protect your company from any eventualities, lawsuits, or claims. Consult with your insurance agent on the best tow truck insurance for your situation and your business. Your agent should be able to explain to you all the ins-and-outs of truck insurance quotes before you decide to pursue their offers.

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