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We Make Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Easier

What do truckers do when they get a day off? Since truckers are so used to driving their big rigs day in and day out, it is not uncommon to see a trucker driving their truck during their off hours because that is what they are most comfortable driving and that is what they are used to. This is where the non-trucking liability insurance comes into play.

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How Exactly Does Non-Trucking Liability Work?

While off-duty, standard insurance does not cover offer coverage. For these moments, special insurance such as the non-trucking liability insurance needs to be bought. This covers truckers who use their commercial trucks for personal use or for non-business purposes. 

Non-trucking liability insurance will cover expenses for property damage or bodily injury to a third party or business. So basically, this covers any personal use of the vehicle between your next dispatch and return.

Let’s say you bought an Oshkosh and have just joined a new carrier service. The primary liability insurance will be handled by the service, but you need to buy extra insurance if you are going to be operating your vehicle outside of working hours.  

Now, your nephew has been asking for a ride ever since you got the new Oshkosh and you oblige and take him to the mall. And so, while backing the Oshkosh in the parking lot, you hit a support pole. This is what the non-trucking liability insurance is for. Your carrier service is not going to pay for these damages. 

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Non-trucking liability insurance is affordable, easy to operate and can cost you thousands of dollars in damages, fines and replacing parts. At East Insurance Group, our executives are always around to give you the best possible rates on the same. You need to be aware of your limits and be sure that you are okay with them. The limits are as follows:

  • Third-party bodily injury and property damage liability (these are on a combined, single limit basis): $1,000,000.
  • Medical payments to for injury caused to a motorist whether he/she is insured or underinsured: $50,000 (on a per person basis).
  • Motorist coverage, when required by the state law, insured/underinsured: 1,00,000 (on a per accident basis).

Saving on Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

There are several ways you can save money when you are discussing insurance policies with the East Insurance Group and non-trucking liability is not an exception. These are some of the ways you can save money that you pay towards your policy:

  • Pay Your Premium in Lump Sum: By doing so, you will surely be paying a tidy sum, considering it is a yearly premium, but you will save money in the long term. While you pay your monthly premium, your insurance company charges you a fee for it. Incurred yearly, this fee is considerable. So it is always a good idea to ask your insurance company if you could pay the premium upfront.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: While looking for non-trucking liability insurance, do not jump on the first offer that is made to you. There are many ways to look for alternative offers, such as directly approaching other insurance providers via phone [(443) 304-9927 for East Insurance Group], or the internet. Also, it is a great idea to go with a company that is “in the pink”, because you are buying insurance for peace of mind. Another excellent way to look at is to ask friends or colleagues for recommendations.

Choosing the Right Non-Trucking Insurance Provider

You need to choose a non-trucking insurance provider who understands your needs completely. These are the questions you should ask representatives of insurance providers:

  • How do you define “non-trucking” within the company?
  • If I raise deductibles, how much can I save?
  • What are the types of limits that you offer?
  • Can you meet the requirements mentioned in my lease agreement?
  • Are there any restrictions or exclusions that I should know of?

Wait, Am I Already Covered?

Non-trucking liability insurance is usually not included by trucking companies in their lease agreements, but some do. It may sometimes happen that your trucking company has already provided ample coverage and that you really don’t need to buy a non-trucking liability insurance separately. The best way to make sure is reading your lease carefully so as to avoid doubling and to look if there are any gaps.

If you are an owner/operator and want the best deal possible on non-trucking liability insurance, call now at (443) 304-9927, or get a quote from us via mail by dropping us your contact details.


Non-trucking liability insurance, though is not exactly a necessity, but is handy to have if you use your truck outside of your work hours as well. One thing to keep in mind before you consider getting it is that it is easy to confuse non-trucking liability insurance with bobtail insurance. At East Insurance Group, we make sure you go through all your options and save on your payments before you decide to zero in on a particular policy.

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