Snow Plow Insurance

Keep Your Business Safe with the Best Snow Plow Insurance

We offer specialized coverage for snow plow and salt removers, whether it’s attached to your pickup truck, ATV or is a commercial snow plow.

As independent representatives we have our policies are written through some of the top rated carriers in the industry that specialize in both small business and commercial trucking coverage, that work to help you with your claims quickly and fairly.

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How much does snow plow insurance Cost

Every business is different and every business requires different insurance to protect them from risks. You might own one snow plow attached to your pickup or own a fleet of snow plows. The cost of the policy largely depends on the factors including:

  • The number of trucks you need to insure
  • Your trucks size, age, model and condition
  • The experience and driving-record of anyone who will be operating the vehicles
  • Your annual insurance and routes you will cover

What Kind of Snow Plow Coverage Do I Need?

As the owner of a Snow Removal service, you might clear out driveways or hospital parking lots and based on the type of client you have, that will determine the type of insurance you need.

Commercial snow plow owners and operators are responsible for the well-being of drivers, customers and the vehicles that are being towed, and need specialized types of insurance on board to keep the business safe.

Not to mention the legal requirement to carry liability insurance. East Insurance Group specializes in commercial vehicle insurance and can customize a policy to your needs. Your policy may include some or all of the following:

The roads can be hazardous during a snow storm and commercial vehicle coverage will help protect your trucks in the case of damage from accidents such as a car crashing into you.

If someone slipped on a property you plowed, you may face a lawsuit from an unhappy client. This coverage gives you the financial backing you need to defend yourself.


Your snow plow may only get use for 6 months, but you need to make sure it doesn’t get damaged while it’s in storage. Garage keepers insurance protects your vehicles while they’re in the garage.


If you have employees this insurance helps you in cases where they suffer independent injury on the job. This is extremely important, especially when they work in unsafe conditions.


How Can We Help?

We also work with you to find all the available discounts that can help to lower your snow plow business’ insurance costs. And when it comes time to file a claim after a loss, we’ll be with you the entire time, so you can recover as quickly as possible.