Understanding Dump Truck Insurance in Texas

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) releases a report of nationwide truck accident statistics annually, showing nearly half a million truck accidents occurring on American roads and highways each year. Around 75% of these accidents are due to the negligence of drivers of smaller passenger cars, not the truck operators. 

A significant percentage of these accidents happen in Texas, with 10% of fatal car accidents in 2015 occurring on the state’s highways and interstates.

That’s why whether you own a dump truck as a sole operator or run a business revolving around a dump truck fleet or other heavy-duty commercial vehicles in Texas, you’ll need to make some extra precautionary measures to protect your investment. One way you can ensure protection is by getting a commercial truck insurance policy designed for your specific situation called the dump truck insurance.  

What is Dump Truck Insurance?

Dump truck insurance is a specialty insurance policy covering trucking companies using dump trucks to transport dirt, sand, rock, asphalt, gravel, and other loose materials for construction, road work, or mining. It’s a type of commercial truck insurance specifically made for dump trucks, protecting any business owning dump trucks from the many risks associated with operating the vehicle.

A dump truck is a highly specialized vehicle that requires separate truck insurance, as their massive size and design introduces unique challenges to their operators, with most having the average gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds. These heavy-duty vehicles are more often involved in back-up incidents or overturn than other commercial trucks because of their unique design made for construction sites and off-road zones, especially in Texas. That’s because Texas has roads and highways notorious for being accountable for hundreds of truck accidents in the past.

That’s why when finding truck insurance, dump truck insurance is the ideal choice as it provides the proper general liability and physical damage coverage in the event of these accidents.

Dump truck insurance is suitable for the standard dump truck, transfer dump truck, gravel truck, 6 to 10 wheelers, super dump truck, and other heavy-duty vehicles with a bed that tilts backward to dump dirt, sand, and other loose materials.

When it comes to price for the premium insurance, dump truck insurance quotes can vary per insurer as they consider several factors to calculate your specific premium. These factors include the dump truck itself, what the operator is hauling, when they’re transporting it, and the operator’s driving records. Meanwhile, some insurers sometimes ask for the personal credit of the owner, operator, and years in business.

The Coverage Options for Dump Truck Insurance in Texas

There are several good truck insurance coverage options designed to cover dump trucking fleets and operators or owners. Basic dump truck insurance policies provide the mandatory coverage required to operate these trucks, including general liability insurance and motor truck cargo, the bare minimum insurance coverage in Texas. 

Any other insurance coverage will depend on your business’s dynamic and what you would like to cover. These include: 

  • Auto Liability Insurance

The auto liability policy helps operators cover their legal obligation to third parties when they’re on the job and get into an ‘at-fault’ accident, providing them with funds for bodily injuries or property damage. The road can be an unpredictable, dangerous workplace, and accidents can happen. This coverage option can help cover your legal fees when a third party sues you.

  • Physical Damage Coverage

This insurance policy is an essential requirement for truck drivers, whether they’re driving standard commercial trucks or specialized heavy-duty vehicles like a dump truck. As the name implies, it covers any damage that may happen to your dump truck. These damages are not only limited collisions, and also includes damage from vandalism or natural disasters. 

This policy helps the business owner or operator have their trucks repaired at no expense. Dealerships usually require physical damage coverage if you plan on leasing your dump truck. 

Non-Trucking Insurance

This policy provides liability coverage if a sole operator gets involved in an accident while driving their dump truck during off-work hours. This coverage option is ideal for independent owners or operates with contract jobs. It functions similarly to the standard auto liability coverage, but it protects you while you’re not on the road or actively dispatched. For instance, when you’re using your dump truck for personal use, it can cover your legal obligation to third parties if an ‘at-fault’ incident occurs. 

If you work as a sole operator, you’ll need this policy to ensure you won’t have to waste money on costly repairs or lawsuits. 

Environmental insurance

This unique policy will help take care of your financial obligation to clean up or restore the environment following an incident if necessary. Environmental clean-up operations can get expensive, so it’s best to have this policy added to your insurance. 

  • Worker Compensation

If you run a business revolving around dump trucks and operators, protecting your drivers will be more important than the vehicles itself as bodily injuries or any other incidents happening during their shifts can result in costly medical bills or lawsuits. That’s why it’s best to add workers’ compensation to your insurance policy if you’re running a business, especially one that revolves around dangerous heavy-duty vehicles like the dump truck.

Rental Reimbursement or Downtime Insurance

If your dump truck gets damaged accidentally, this coverage will help continue your operations while the vehicle gets repaired. It also covers business losses if continuation isn’t possible. 

Many commercial truck insurance policies offered by local insurance companies provide basic coverage, such as minimum bodily injury, general liability insurance, and property damage liability.  If you want to ensure full protection for your business, dump truck, or yourself, you’ll need to consider adding additional coverage. 

However, if you’re running your operations on a budget, it’s best to shop around first. You can do this by getting an insurance quote from your local insurers to see which policies can protect your business and workers the best at minimal costs.

How Much Does Insurance Cost for a Dump Truck in Texas?

Most dump truck companies pay anywhere between $4,000 to $14,000 for dump truck insurance per vehicle in the United States. However, since Texas has more dangerous highways and roads, dump truck insurance prices are slightly higher, ranging between $5,000 to $20,000 per power unit per year.

However, the premiums for dump truck insurance depend on several factors, including the number of dump trucks insured, what the vehicle is hauling, where the driver is transporting the content, and the operators’ experience and driving records. Generally, if the trucking company has been in business for over two years, boasts a good loss history, excellent safety scores, and experienced drivers, they can secure the most competitive rate on their dump truck insurance.

If you want to stick to a budget or want to grab the best deals, it’s best to get an insurance quote from your preferred local insurance companies to get the protection you deserve at minimal expenses.

Is Insurance on Dump Truck Required in Texas?

Whether operated by owner-operators or part of a fleet, all dump trucks must carry commercial dump truck insurance in Texas. The dumper truck insurance policies need to meet the state’s required minimum insurance coverage limits for bodily injury liability and physical damage.

Besides having dump truck insurance, local governments in Texas require operators to have the financial responsibility of filing ‘form E’ with the state or the BMC-91X form with the federal government. These are proof the operator or business owners are carrying sufficient dump truck insurance, protecting the drivers, their businesses, and owners from high-risk situations like hauling hazardous materials or driving a massive rig.

It’s also wise to add extra coverage for your dump truck business to ensure you get the best protection. To get the best deals possible, you’ll need to ask for a quote from each insurer you’re considering.

Dump Truck Safety Measures to Keep Risks Lower

The main hazards faced by dump truck drivers are collisions on busy highways, tipping when unloading hauls, or accidents when backing up. The following safety precautions can help any operator avoid many of these common incidents. 

  • Always thoroughly inspect the truck before driving it, including checking the tires, lug nuts, lights, and other mechanical functions.  
  • Frequently check blind spots when driving the vehicle to and from a construction site. 
  • When loading the dump truck, start loading in the center and keep the loose materials as evenly distributed as possible. 
  • Never overload the truck’s dump-bed. 
  • Always unload the vehicle on level ground. 

Purchase the Right Insurance for Dump Trucks

Rates for dump truck insurance policies vary depending on your coverage needs and the insurer you choose. However, to ensure you get the ideal insurance policies at a competitive rate, ask for a quote from a minimum of three commercial truck insurance providers. Make sure these are reputable firms that understand your needs. You can always consult with colleagues, lawyers, financial planners, or local insurance agents in Texas to ensure you get the best protection you deserve.